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Facebook Carousel ads use product imagery to target returning or high-intent customers, and lifestyle imagery to target new customers. This ad style work well with shops or websites which sell multiple products or services such as fashion, electronics and food.
What I Supply/Terms of purchasing:
  1. Banner ads (3 banners) for paid Carousel Facebook advertising.
  2. Different creative strategies, like storytelling or sequencing.
  3. Each ad banner will be in 600x600px size. JPG format.
  4. Compatible with all FB advertising rules (Such as less than 20% text, Non nude images, scales should be avoided etc)
  5. High quality stock images free of charge (Licensed images from my own image library)
What you supply:
  1. Wording/Text content to be included on banners. Should be less word count (10-20 words) and meaningful
  2. Your Logo and website
Why I am special:
  • I am after running best ever 1200x628px Facebook ad banner gig. Please checkout my other gigs for reference. I have tons of experience working with thousands of fiverr customers.
  • Free limited revisions
  • 100% satisfied customers
What I don’t supply:
  • Promotions or running ad campaigns
  • Revisions after completing the order or receiving the feedback

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