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1. auto-traffic-grabber
= Features =

* Templates – choose from 8 different templates, create and style your own and save it
* Import feed items (like Google news) and creates blog posts so readers can comment on them..and put the posts into your own blog categories
* When posting to your blog, have the image be the Featured Image which you can use in the most current themes
* Export all the feeds as a single RSS feed
These features are all available in the admin panel.

2. Google Search Bot 3.2.5

• Run the bot 2‐3 hours/day for optimum results
• Do not stop making SEO while running the bot. This makes things more
• It is recommended that you do not run this bot on sites with Adsense. If you
do not wish to remove your Adsense code you can use an ad blocker
• I recommend running the bot till you get to the first page. After you are on
first or second page you can stop running it as you will get natural clicks.
• You can use this bot on a Windows VPS
3. Web Traffic Genius Pro 3.6.21

Thank you very much for your purchase, we appreciate it, and we hope Web Traffic genius helps drive a huge number of visitors to your site!
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