I can solve any Mathematics, algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometric problems

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Hi, I am Fazlul Haque from Bangladesh. I have a Master’s
Degree in Mathematics, B.Sc (Hon’s) in Mathematics from National
University of Bangladesh. After Completing my Education I had been in
the academe for 5 years. My mathematical background gives me an
advantage on math content while my teaching experience and Education
degree give me an advantage on teaching approach.

I am expert on the following problem:

  1. Fundamentals of Mathematics
  2. Calculus
  3.  Linear Algebra
  4. Analytic and Vector Geometry
  5. Advanced Number Theory
  6. Theory of Rings and Modules
  7. Lattice Theory
  8. Theory of Relativity Differential and Integral Equations
  9. Geometry of Differential Manifolds Dynamical Systems

Also I can solve any

  1.  Primary & High School Level Mathematics Problem,
  2. Writing Notes & Books for Students / Teachers.
  3. Proof Reading & Editing  the Solutions
  4. work for Trivia Quiz,
  5.  Mathe Games

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