Welcome to 4 Quid !

4 Quid is a global digital marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of £4 per job performed, from which it gets its name.

The site is primarily used by freelancers who use 4 quid to offer services to customers worldwide. 4 Quid lists thousands of services on the site that range between £4 and £400.

4quid.com is one of the best online services providers and for micro jobs based services we are known as one of the best companies in providing an online service worldwide. The services we are providing are from translating experts, providing voiceovers artists and graphic designers. To meet the needs of both an individual’s looking for job and businessman we are hosting around thousands of services.

We are providing the services for more than 100 countries and with a global community of members. Those individuals who are looking for a marketplace where they can easily utilize their skills so this platform is perfect for them and we also give new opportunities to earn extra income. Not only for individuals is this platform also perfect for those organizations which are seeking for short term resources and really cost effective.

Why 4 Quid is Great for the Freelancers

Those people who want to maximize their earnings can easily use 4quid.com. By developing and utilizing your skills anyone can easily earn an extra income according to their potential. For that they must have an internationally strong working relationship online. It can be students or even the professional’s freelancers can also utilize this best opportunity to earn good income by showing their skills.

Our platform makes it possible for all those individuals who are looking for the right marketplace to work with and to use their skills the way they want by offering their services to the online global community.

For Students

Those students who have started their professional career and need support to grow their clientage and portfolio.

For Small Companies

Small companies always look for the right websites that can provide them huge clientage which these companies can attract their clients. It is by offering their specific services which they are providing and also let their clients aware of the new services and products they are offering outside from the website.


For Professional Freelancers

By attaching the snapshot of their skills which they have to attract their clients. The clients also like the services and also enjoy buying these services or a product of professional freelancers. It is also available at affordable prices.

For Individuals

Those individuals who are looking to earn an extra income Do you know that majority of our members are already having a fulltime employment. Most of the individuals have shared their skills and they were only taking it as a hobby nut now they are utilizing their skills professionally with 4 Quid.


Why 4 Quid is Great for the Companies

By keeping the cost minimum the small companies are growing their businesses. Well 4quid.com has made it really easier for the small organize to increase their business at small cost and affordable for the businessman for outsourcing the tasks. It is really beneficial for them otherwise it would have charged these businessman thousands of pounds. Following are some of the reasons why small companies prefer 4quid.com.

  • Easy Budgeting
  • A Professional and secure Working Environment
  • Fun and Enjoyable Community to Work with.

Many individuals don’t generally realize what 4quid.com is and the benefits they can pick up from it.

Truth is told, this article has been written so individuals can truly comprehend what this well-known site has to offer and how to take full favorable position of it. As you read on, you will figure out how to earn money by providing services with 4quid.com. You will likewise find what you can pick up from different sellers on this site.

To begin with, 4quid.com is principally a Digital marketplace in the UK where individuals can agree to a record and post anything they longing to accomplish for only £4. It is the four quid price tag that brought forth the name 4quid. You will discover various sorts of undertakings on 4quid.com from insane things like individuals willing to compose your name on their Shirts to more genuine things like build back links to your site. It will be beneficial for you to peruse around the site; you will find a portion of the truly astounding errands that individuals will do.

With this essential understanding around 4 Quid, how about we take a gander at how you will put it to utilize.
In the first place, you have to characterize your essential objective. What would you truly like to accomplish?
In the event that you will make some money by offering a sort of services for £4, this is an extremely straightforward assignment.
You should simply go to 4quid.com and sign up for an account – it’s free. At that point you upgrade your profile and post the task that you need to accomplish for only 4 quid. The task you need to do is generally referred to as a quid.

From this short 4quid.com, you can see various approaches to utilize 4quid.com. Everything relies upon what you require right now. Whether you are in urgent need of a service supplier or not, you ought to at present go on and look at it. You might be shocked to discover a really good deal you never thought you could get. What’s more, in the event that you need to offer your own services, you should go straight to 4quid.com and set up a listing.


4 Quid Background:

The Internet has opened up many freelance opportunities, expanded available markets, and has contributed to service sector growth in many economies. Offshore outsourcing, online outsourcing and crowdsourcing are heavily reliant on the Internet to provide economical access to remote workers, and frequently leverage technology to manage workflow to and from the employer. Much computer freelance work is being outsourced to developing countries outside the United States and Europe.

Online freelance marketplaces are websites that match buyers and sellers of services provided via the internet. Buyers bid on services at a fixed price or at an hourly rate. These marketplaces allow people to sign up remotely for freelance assignments and get paid through a merchant account.

The Internet also enables many freelancers to be interviewed and hired without actually meeting an employer in person. This facilitates long distance business relationships all over the world, but can provide a challenge in screening applicants. Hiring more than one applicant for a short test assignment after the interview is now a common extra step in the hiring process.

Freelance employment has been common in the areas of writing, editing, translation, indexing, software development, website design, advertising, open innovations, information technology, and business process outsourcing. Freelance journalists, for example, may find it easier to start their own or shared news blogs, with many blogs growing into highly trafficked and competitive news sites capable of hiring dedicated staff and other talent.

Changes to the publishing industry since the 1980s have resulted in an increase in copy editing of book and journal manuscripts and proofreading of typeset manuscripts being outsourced to freelance copy editors and proofreaders.

Online activists, defending different social and political causes, are also referred to as political freelancers or freelance politicians.

Online global outsourcing is growing at a rapid pace with a projected growth of over 40% for the industry. The biggest platforms are Upwork (formerly oDesk), Fiverr, Elance, Freelancer and 99designs, although 99designs is really a different category as it’s a crowdsourcing site more focused on design, whereas the other platforms encompass any type of online work.

Being a freelancer today is an amazing way to earn money with no string attached. However, on the down side, this means you have to pay a different percentage of commission to the host website. In the end, is it really fair to pay commission on every project you complete? Many freelancers complain about having to pay a high commission rate to the website, regardless if they complete one or a hundred projects monthly.

That’s how we got the idea of creating a Micro Jobs freelance website that is like no other, a platform that will allow freelancers to earn more and avoid the frustration of paying high commissions.