Tips to Getting Featured & increase sales on 4 Quid

30/11/2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ 4 Quid News & Blogs

4 Quid is a global freelance marketplace offering countless services at an initial cost of £4 per job performed from which it gets its name. This platform is primarily used by freelancers to offer their skills and services to the customers across the world.

4 Quid was established by (founder name) in (year), and is headquartered in the United Kingdom. The concept behind this marketplace is to provide a two sided platform for individuals to buy and sell a variety of digital services. Services offered on the site include graphic design, writing, translation, video editing and programming. Currently, 4 Quid lists thousands of services on the site that range between £4 to £400.

How to Rank Yourself On 4 Quid

At 4 Quid, there are millions of buyers and sellers, some are newbie, some are at the intermediate level and some are top rated. With such a pool of competitors, it is sometime difficult for newcomers to emerge from the crowd. But still there are some SEO tricks and tips which can help freelancers to boost their rankings and increase sales.

  • Title: – Make your profile title appealing. Put keywords in your title!
  • Categories & Subcategories: – Choose categories and subcategories for your profile so that your profile may appear in categories when people search.
  • Profile Description: – Write an incredible description. The description influences SEO and profile engaging quality. Write a detailed description ranging from 300 to 1000 words.
  • Tags: – Tags are really important for 4 Quid SEO. Try to put minimum three relevant tags in each of your profile.
  • Portfolio: – When we apply for traditional jobs the first thing that the interviewer may ask from you is what your experience is? Similarly, in 4 Quid your portfolio represents your experience. When a buyer visit your 4 Quid profile he/she must review just 2 things one, your profile description and second is your portfolio. They both can be the critical factor for converting buyer interest into sales.
  • Provide Great service:- Deliver high quality, original and great work to your buyers. Don’t miss the deadlines, try to avoid the cancellations. Respond quickly in a respectful manner and maintain a good communication.

Simple Try out these amazing tips…! You will surely increase your sales after following them! Always remember that, whether it is a 4 Quid or another marketplace – freelancing requires hard work, dedication, skills, some tricks and patience get desired results. Happy freelancing..!