Tips to How to Gain more Repeat Customers

05/12/2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ 4 Quid News & Blogs

Incorporating the best possible customer experience management practices is a matter of the utmost importance not just for smooth workflow but also of strategic importance. Though they may not directly bring in more revenue to your 4quid listing but they drastically increase the brand value and customer acquisition along with customer retention.  According to a 2011 survey by, 83 percent of respondents said they would buy more from a company that made it easier to do business with them. Here are 5 tips on how to gain more repeat clients as well as increasing customer retention:

Form Relationships

All top of the line organizations and businesses know that it’s not just about helping the customer but also about forming friendly bonds that last for a long time. A fine example of this would be sellers on other digital marketplaces. Sellers there will actively try to help you out and will go as far as to actually lower the price somewhat for the service you want to use. We all love to get the things we want and getting them cheaper even only a bit, makes us happier and much more likely to return. By incorporating friendly relationships you can imitate this approach seamlessly, leading to a drastic increase in customer acquisition and retention.

Customer Satisfaction Is Crucial

Don’t reward yourself or your employee of closing an order but rather on the level of satisfaction they provided to the customer. High customer satisfaction is absolutely imperative for establishing a fine customer experience to increase retention. According to the research studies, the level of customer satisfaction has a positive effect on profitability. “A totally satisfied customer contributes 2.6 times as much revenues to a company as a somewhat satisfied customer.”

Real Time Interaction         

Sure coming up with automated responses for basic questions would be easier as well as less time consuming but would drastically decrease customer retention and diminish any chances for further customer acquisition on the basis of support. Many viable consumers look for high end customer support and management before opting for a product or service, having real people talking to present and future customers not only increases a sense of authenticity but also establishes a link of trust compelling them further to return or choose your business.

Coach The Newbie

Customer satisfaction is directly related to how experienced and how talented you are when handling new customers to 4quid. You need to take the time to properly explain how things work on 4quid and what as well as how the services provided by you work. Furthermore, this enables you to get the most out of your clients as well as establishing a working relationship based on trust.

Freedom Of Engagement

Interacting by too freely engaging your customers and upselling your services as well as making offers that you feel can benefit them not only allows them to come up with a better solution that is more efficient but also the clients feel comfortable initiating conversations in the future. This makes both sides to listen more clearly and actually speeds up the entire process along with making customer satisfaction and retention go up considerably.